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Getting Out Of My Head:- Anxiety And Panic Attacks!

I’ve always been open and honest about suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Unfortunately is it not a topic that is talked about enough, this is also true for all mental health issues. But I want to talk about Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

I Didn’t Always Suffer…

I didn’t always suffer from Anxiety or Panic Attacks. It started around 2008/2009 with my previous relationship. I didn’t realise it at the time but the relationship I was in was a toxic one, one of mental abuse. At the time I didn’t see it, but when I look back I can see I was mentally abused.

My first Panic Attack was bad. My hands flooded with pins and needles and went rigid in a claw like shape. I felt dizzy and couldn’t breathe.

Since then I have only had one really bad attack when I ended up in the back of an ambulance because they weren’t sure if it was a stroke or heart attack because of my symptoms, the whole left side of my body shook uncontrollably, my speech was slurred and I couldn’t hold myself up.

Anxiety grows worse…

My Anxiety has got worse over the last few years especially since my Ectopic pregnancy, it has taken a natural worrier and has turned me into a fearful person who wants/needs to be in control to keep fear at bay. I hate this about myself, I hate that some days my anxiety controls me instead of me controlling it. Anxiety and fear have stopped me from doing things. I want to let go and be free to really enjoy the great things in life but it’s there all the time in the back of my mind.

Since having my daughter and there being more stresses at home with various things. I’m sure everyone stresses about things like money, our home is too small and not having money to move. Add to that the lack of sleep from a toddler who doesn’t always go through the night and a baby teething. All of this plays a part in my Anxiety. I don’t want you to sit there and think that I’m moaning about my life and that I should be grateful because there are people worse off. That’s not what I’m doing. I’m simply sharing what has helped to make my anxiety worse.

What Are My Triggers…

I can’t speak for everyone who suffers from Anxiety and Panic Attacks but I know what my triggers are. Some times  I am able to gain control and other times I can’t.

For me, one of my main triggers is feeling overwhelmed, and it can be about anything going on in my life. for me the only way I can describe it is like there is a fog or a storm going on inside my mind. Sometimes I have to get out of my head to beat it.

It’s Getting Harder And Harder To Control…

Over the last few weeks, I have been finding that my Anxiety is getting harder to control. Even writing this post, bearing my soul, if you like, is giving me Anxiety. It’s an incredibly personal thing to share, unfortunately, it is something that people who do not suffer from it find hard to understand and think it is an easy fix. It is not!

It’s An Uncomfortable Place To Be…

Where I am mentally at the moment is a rather uncomfortable place to be. When I look at myself and into my mind, I feel uncomfortable I feel a need to question my mental health and whether I am at a place where I need help. I have to say this part of the blog is very difficult to write. It’s emotional, it is taking a lot for me to be this honest and to lay this much out on the line. But this is in the hope of self-therapy. In the hope that writing about it and talking about it on the World Wide Web can provide a release. A weight lifted. I don;t know maybe help other people and myself not feel alone.

My husband tries to be understanding and helpful and for the most part, he is. He is a fantastic support and I’m certain if it wasn’t for him I would have a lot more Panic Attacks and be in the depths of depression by now. But there is only so much he is able to do. It ultimately falls on me.

So What Helps…

For me, there are some things that do help, Exercise being one of them. I’m not great at keeping a routine especially with two young children but I am trying. I have found Yoga helps to focus my mind. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it really does help. I love running/walking that for me is a kind of therapy with myself. It forces me to think about/process everything I have not wanted to deal with and just pushed to the back of my mind. I also find Reading a good book helps to take me away from reality and escape for a while. I like to do this before bed. It helps to relax my mind and let me drift off to sleep quicker.

I’m sorry for the long post but it is one of those topics that needs discussing.

If you suffer or suffered from Anxiety please get in touch I would love to hear your story and how you deal with it. please get in touch via the comments or social media.

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  1. Anxiety is definitely something that people without true experience often underestimate. I really feel for you – I’ve seen how it can cripple a friend of mine but also how it can help to talk about it and seek solutions. He finds breathing exercises and reading up on recognising symptoms has helped as well. You’re very grave to be so open, so I’m sure you have the strength to find ways to help you manage.

    • Sam Kersley

      Thank you. I’m sure I will come out the other side stronger and I know that this is just a chapter in my life that will make me stronger in the long run

  2. I too write about dealing with anxiety. You may find some of my posts helpful. I understand exactly how you feel.

    • Sam Kersley

      Thanks it’s quite a common issue that no one really talks about

  3. Such a brace post to write. Anxiety and panic attacks are sadly still not seen as serious to many people. I know exactly how you feel and my triggers are the same as yours. It’s so so hard to live with. Big hugs x

    • Sam Kersley

      It is and these days it has been harder than normal. Feel if it doesn’t get better I’ll be forced to go to the drs

  4. Ah Sam I’m so sorry to read all of this and hear how anxiety affects you. From what friends in a similar situation have said hobbies that involve being outdoors, exercise especially, seem to really help with feeling more grounded. I hope things start to improve for you.

    • Sam Kersley

      Thanks, exercise has helped in the past but struggling at moment to get up early enough to fit it in evenings will be no go as I go back to work next Monday evening

  5. Well done for writing about it! I have wanted to write about it for such a long time but can never find the words to do it justice!

    Anxiety is awful. Although I know my triggers (like you overwhelmed is one) sometimes it can still creep up on me and it’s bloody scary!

    • Sam Kersley

      Yeah I hoped writing about it would help but so far it hasn’t but it might take a few posts on the topic for it to help. I found it very difficult to right so openly about it. Partly out of fear of judgement from others.

  6. I suffer from anxiety too. It’s very hard to explain to others sometimes. I hope you are feeling a little bit more in control now. I recommend aromatherapy oils to de-stress, they really do work!

    • Sam Kersley

      Thanks, some days are easier than other but still struggle. Not blogged much lately because I’ve been trying to readjust to working again

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