Why You Should Be Thinking About Self Care!

Thinking about self-care should be on the top of your list. More and more Celebrities have been open about their mental health issues. Now some may see this as just another celebrity jumping on the mental health/ self-care band waggon. I actually think this is a really good thing. Mental health is such a big thing and a topic that is seldom talked about openly, but they are using their platform to help raise awareness and that is a good thing.

What Is Self-Care To Me?

For me, self-care involves a whole host of things, From the “Me Time” favourites like the bubble baths to painting your nails. To the more mental aspect like meditation, being quiet or even just having a cup of tea that is hot.

It’s sometimes just the simple tasks of looking after myself like drinking enough water throughout the day or getting a shower in the morning.

How Do I Practice Self-Care?

I probably don’t practice self-care as much as I should. However, I do base my self-care based on what is going on in my life on a daily basis. So, for example, I have been pretty poor at looking after my diet and exercise, So I am taking a small step at a time. So currently I have started to start my day with Detox water containing Raspberries, lemons & Limes.

 Since I have been drinking this I have noticed a difference in the morning. I am much more awake and have more energy. I have also noticed that I have lost some bloating and some water retention. It is definitely making a difference.

I do also love a good hot bubble bath, depending on my mood I will either read in the bath or I will stick Netflix on. It’s a great way to wind down and relax.

There is nothing quite like a good book to get yourself lost in. Currently, I’m in the process of reading “Gone Viking” by Helen Russell

 I’m not very far into it but I am definitely enjoying it and it has been funny so far.

So Why Should You Be Thinking About Self-Care?

I never really thought about self-care property until I was diagnosed with Depression. I’d enjoy reading and having a soak in the bath for years. But I never thought about looking after myself properly and what that entailed. Self-Care is looking after yourself mentally, physically & emotionally. It’s about listening to your body and what it needs. Sometimes it just needs you to drink some water and have a hot shower. Other times it needs the indulgence of a hot bubble bath. Sometimes for me, I treat myself to a coffee from a coffee shop and since my Depression, I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things and to listen to my body and to its needs. Before now my Depression snuck up on me without me noticing until it was too late. It took 6 months of hard work having therapy and medication to get to where I am now and I have been medication free since May.

So If there is one thing I can share with you all is to practice self-care now. Take the time to listen to your body, listen to what it needs. Don’t neglect yourself until it’s too late. IT IS NOT SELFISH TO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

When I Practice Self-Care it helps to make me a better Mother and a better Wife so why wouldn’t I?

Until next time…Sam


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