Am I Ready To Be A School Mum?


It only seems like 5 minutes since Logan was born but it has been 4 years. 4 whole years since he entered the world and now we are on the precipice of him starting Primary School. How did that happen?

Logan is very much aware that he is starting primary school this year and the last couple of days he has started saying that he doesn’t want to go. Not in a sad way but in an ” I’m enjoying the summer holiday and I don’t want to go to school” way. When he has his taster day/morning he had the best time. He will be one of the youngest being a June baby but he is so ready for school.

Am I Ready To Be A School Mum?

Logan is ready for sure, but myself not so much. Part of me doesn’t want to let go of my little boy, he’s no longer a preschooler which means he’s growing up…too fast. I still have school uniforms and shoes to buy. I need to work out what sizes I should get so that he doesn’t grow out of them after 5 minutes but also doesn’t drown him. I’m also not ready to leave him in an environment he’s not used to….yes this is crazy I did it with preschool but it doesn’t change the fact that I worry for him. I’m nervous for him and I know that that is just my anxiety. I know after that first day/week I will be fine. We just have to jump into the unknown with both feet.

Playground Politics

It is well known that there are playground politics at school. There are the mum Cliques in the playground. There’s always someone bitching about someone else. But it is also a place where mums can also make friends with other mum’s going through the exact same experience. I am looking forward to meeting some new mums and hopefully making some new friends. Don’t get me wrong I have friends and I have a small group/handful of friends that I love and wouldn’t swap for the world. But like the saying by James Garner goes…”You can never have too many friends”

It’s Not Just The Kids Going To School

Of course with Logan starting school it means that both myself and Matt will be going back to school…By this I mean I’m talking about homework. That’s right in a few months Logan will be getting homework he will need help with. Which means we will have to learn the techniques they are learning at school. Things Like Chunking, grid and partitioning. What happened to good old Division, multiplication and addition?


So with that September is fast approaching and I need to get my head in the game, get organised and know that Logan will be absolutely fine and he is starting a new chapter/adventure in his life and I get to be a part of it.

How did you guys prepare for your child(ren) starting primary school? Is your little one(s) starting in September? if so get in touch and share your stories.

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