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Stripping My Hair Colour And Starting Again!

I have been dying my hair off and on over the years since I was around 15. A couple of years ago I stripped my hair of hair dye and product build up because every time I dyed my hair the ends just looked very dark/black.

Why Stripped My Hair Colour?…

I bought some hair dye the other day and needless to say, the results where not what I had intended. I don’t know if it was a reaction or if it was the wrong colour put in the box. But I didn’t like the results. So I turn to a product I have used before and have had fantastic results.

The product is called Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength. This product is designed for dark hair colours.

 This is my hair colour before I use the Colour Remover. If you have never used this product before, you need to know that the results are all dependant on how you have coloured your hair previously. Therefore it is highly recommended that you read up on the product before using it.

In my case I have over the last year that I have been growing my hair out, have dyed it red, chocolate browns and black. All of these have had red colouring/undertones in it. If you are not aware Red Dye WILL likely stain your hair cuticle.

The Process And The Results…

This product instructs you to leave it on your hair for 1 hour to allow it time to break down the dye particles. Because I have used this product before and have done research the first time, so I knew what to expect.

While the product is doing its thing you have to cover your hair with Clingfilm to allow it to generate heat so that the hair cuticles open up allowing for better results.

 For me personally, I put 3-4 layers of clingfilm on to help my head build up more heat. Unlike hair dye, you won’t see a change in the colour of your hair until you start the rinsing.

I will say that this is a long process with several steps that require being followed to the letter, So you do need to make sure you have the time to complete it properly. After the hour you rinse you hair for 5 minutes then you add the buffer for a minute. Then you rinse for another 5 minutes followed by a second buffer followed by a final 5-minute rinse.

Then you are left with the results….for me, that’s Orange/ginger hair  

Now, in all honesty, it isn’t as bad as some people have. I didn’t dislike the colour but it also looked ridiculous on myself.

The Final Results…

So I tend to leave my hair a few hours after stripping it before dying it just so that it can settle and to make sure it isn’t going to oxidize after finishing the process. I will say that this process does make your hair more porous and it is advised that if you are going to redye your hair to only use semi-permanent hair dye and do not process for the full time.

 This is the result of using a semi-permanent hair dye in the colour light brown and as you can see it is darker than light brown. This is because after stripping it your hair will take the dye more quickly.  But I am happy with the results. I also know that the colour will settle down over the next few days.


I am not an expert or a Hair colourist specialist or a trained hairdresser, the information in this post is based on the instructions provided by the product and my own experience. Therefore I will not be responsible for any results should you choose to strip your own hair at home.

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Growing Out My Pixie Haircut – Update!

So you may remember back in June I did a post about growing out my pixie cute.

I originally said I would be doing monthly updates…Well, my apologies as that has not happened. I have had a lot going on in the last few months.

So where is my hair at now?

Well, it is definitely longer than what it was back in June. We are almost at the bob length stage. Hopefully, come December/January we will be sporting a bob.

 Not the most flattering side profile but for the purpose of the update you get the idea of its current length.

So What Have I Been Doing To Help It Grow?

I only trim the neck and take some of the weight out as and when I need to so there are regular trims going on. To condition my hair I have been using a Coconut oil spray on it when it is damp before I blow dry and sometime once I have styled it as I get a few flyaways.

I am at a point where I do need to blow dry and straighten my hair. This isn’t great for growing out short hair but needs must and all that. This is partly why I use the coconut oil spray to help condition my hair and reduce heat damage. I do wash my hair daily which I know you’re not supposed to but I do. The upside to this is your scalp is massaged every day which helps to promote hair growth.

How Long Am I Growing My Hair?

I am aiming to grow my hair past my shoulders This was taken back in the spring of 2010.

So this is the ultimate goal of where I want my hair to end up. It has been a long while since I have had proper long hair and I miss it.

So that’s it for this update, it was just a quick post to say. This is where my hair is at a few months into the growing out process.

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Growing Out My Pixie Haircut  

In my 30 something years, I have had many different hairstyles. I have had a pixie of some sort maybe 4-5 times now. I’ve had multiple types of bobs and had long hair of varying lengths.

My Hair Was My Thing…

When I was younger my hair was my thing. Good hair was a must. It had to be cut good and it had to be straightened. Since having my son I’ve not had hair longer that just above my shoulders. So it is time to grow my hair LONG!

The Many Styles I Have Had Over The Years…

Throughout my adult year’s I have had a wide range of hairstyles over the years.

I thought I would share some of those with you, and I have to say some of the selfies are a little cringe worthy…


These are just some of the hairstyles and colours I have had over the years.

So What Now…

Now I begin growing out my pixie haircut. This will be a long slow process which it always is. You have to grow it out in stages.

Firstly you have to start growing the top layer while maintaining the length around the back of your neck and ears to allow the top to catch up. I normally keep these areas trimmed myself using either scissors or clippers.

Hair Products…

Wherever you look online there are posts that tell you to avoid using heat on your hair and tell you not to overload your hair with products. This is true. Heat damages your hair and can cause breakages, which you don’t want when trying to grow your hair out. I don’t use a hair dryer or hair straighteners at the moment. I haven’t coloured my hair in months.

My hair does need help with the form of hair products but I only tend to use a bit of hair wax and gel. I do also put a coconut oil on my hair to help condition my hair I only use a small amount and I use it every day.


I will be posting Monthly updates so that you can see the growth each month. Anything more frequent than that and the growth won’t be as noticeable. So if you are interested in seeing the growth each month please do subscribe so you don’t miss out on the updates.


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