5 Reasons Coconut Oil Should Be On Your Beauty Shelf

Coconut Oil is truly an amazing product, with it Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial properties there are so many uses for this oil and it’s not just for cooking.

I have been using  Coconut Oil for a couple years now as a Beauty product and is a regular on my beauty shelf. So much so I will always make sure I haven’t run out. It’s such a great natural product. So I want to Share with you my 5 top reasons you should have coconut oil on your shelf.

5 Reason Coconut Oil Should Be On Your Beauty Shelf…

1:- Removes Makeup.

Coconut oil is the queen of makeup removal. If I have been wearing makeup or even just Mascara. I will always turn to my coconut oil to remove any makeup before cleansing my face with my face wash. I literally do not know how I went so long without this because Coconut oil will remove the most stubborn of Waterproof Mascara. When it comes to Mascara I only wear waterproof mascara because of it’s staying power however it can be difficult to remove unless you have coconut oil. This it’s a quick rub and it’s gone…what more could you ask for?

2:- Deep Conditioner for your Hair.

Coconut Oil is amazing for repairing damaged hair. It can be used before you wash your hair in the morning or you can use it as an overnight treatment ( this is my choice of treatment). I literally slather my hair with coconut oil and the pop a shower cap on and leave it until the morning when I wash my hair. It leaves hair silky smooth and soft. If the idea of going through the night wearing a shower cap isn’t your thing. Then just pop some on before you wash your hair and leave it for an hour.

3:- Full Body and Face Moisturiser.

I love that you can use Coconut Oil from top to toe to moisturise yourself. Coconut Oil is fast absorbing so it won’t leave you feeling slippery and Oily all day long. Instead, it will leave your skin looking Healthy and Glowy, and super soft.

4:- Smooths Flyaway Hairs.

I love Coconut Oil for smoothing Flyaway hairs. From time to time my hair just will not play ball. One those days once I have styled my hair I will pop a small amount of Coconut Oil between my hands and run it through my hair. It tames and smooths the Flyaway hairs and provides an extra hit of Conditioning throughout the day especially when the weather is hot.

5:- Shaving Cream/Oil

Coconut oil is great for shaving your legs. It allows the razor to glide smoothly over your legs giving a closer shave all why providing a moisture hit ( are you noticing a trend here with Coconut Oil )


So this is just my 5 Top reason for using coconut oil. This is list isn’t conclusive. There are lots and lots of uses for Coconut oil. It can be purchased from anywhere. My lovely friend sells a lovely Organic Coconut Oil on her site Apples and Pips

So if you like buying organic and you want a trusted product and you like to buy from small businesses Pay her a visit.

Until next time…Sam

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