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Month: April 2018

Yoga and 100 Squats A Day Challenge!

I’ve been pretty slack on the workout/exercise front for lots of reason/excuses. Which to be honest I’ve been fine with. But now that the nicer weather is approaching and we have had some lovely hot days, I have found that none of my summer stuff from last year fits!

Lose Weight Or Buy Bigger Clothes…

So I’m left with the choice that I either lose weight or I just buy bigger clothes, which I can’t really afford to do. So I need to lose the weight.

But I need to be realistic, I am unfit and not exercised regularly for about a year. I need something that I can fit in around preschool runs, looking after a 16-month-old and working evening and housework.

Why Yoga?

I love yoga and back in my youth of late teens and early 20’s I use to practice yoga every day. It kept my weight down, I had energy and was supple. Back then I had a really good/healthy relationship with my body and had tones of confidence, and I never had any issues with my mental health. I just had an all round contentment with myself.

100 Squats A Day Challenge?

This came about because my husband decided on Monday that he would do the 100 push ups a day challenge that has been floating around the internet. I’m rubbish a push up’s so there was no way I was going to do that. But I want to do a challenge with him to help support him. So I decided I would do squats. I love doing them and I love doing deep squats. They’re not easy but I love them and there are so many benefits to them.

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga…

  1. Flexibility is improved
  2. Mental health is improved
  3. Posture is improved
  4. Muscle strength is improved/enhanced
  5. The risk of chronic diseases is reduced
  6. Blood flow is improved
  7. Provides a foundation for a healthier lifestyle
  8. It can help ease pain
  9. Balance is improved
  10. It can help you focus the mind

These are just some of the benefits that I found online, but the list doesn’t stop there.

Top 10 Benefits of Squats…

  1. Burns more fat
  2. Can improve circulation helping to reduce cellulite
  3. Flexibility is improved
  4. It is a functional exercise
  5. Core strength is improved
  6. Squats can tone your Legs, Bum, and tum
  7. They help to remove waste from the body
  8. It can help maintain mobility and balance
  9. They can be done anywhere without any equipment
  10. Posture is improved

Again these are just some of the benefits I found online, but the list goes on. So it is this simple…

I’m fed up with looking in the mirror and not liking what I see, therefore I want to get back into practicing Yoga and I want to take on this Squat challenge and see what happens.

Being A Role Model For My Daughter…

Since having my daughter I am very aware that as she grows up she will look up to me and that I am her role model. She will grow up in a world of social media and in a world where women are criticised for the way they look. So I want her to have a healthy relationship with herself and her body. I want her to love what she see’s in the mirror.

If I can instill in her that working out is fun and a way to reward your body then I’ll feel like I have passed something valuable on to her. I don’t want her to feel like I do right now, I don’t want that for her.

So With That Being Said…

I’m going to leave you with my before photos. This is how I look right now…It’s not great but it’s me.

Let’s see what happens…

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Stripping My Hair Colour And Starting Again!

I have been dying my hair off and on over the years since I was around 15. A couple of years ago I stripped my hair of hair dye and product build up because every time I dyed my hair the ends just looked very dark/black.

Why Stripped My Hair Colour?…

I bought some hair dye the other day and needless to say, the results where not what I had intended. I don’t know if it was a reaction or if it was the wrong colour put in the box. But I didn’t like the results. So I turn to a product I have used before and have had fantastic results.

The product is called Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength. This product is designed for dark hair colours.

 This is my hair colour before I use the Colour Remover. If you have never used this product before, you need to know that the results are all dependant on how you have coloured your hair previously. Therefore it is highly recommended that you read up on the product before using it.

In my case I have over the last year that I have been growing my hair out, have dyed it red, chocolate browns and black. All of these have had red colouring/undertones in it. If you are not aware Red Dye WILL likely stain your hair cuticle.

The Process And The Results…

This product instructs you to leave it on your hair for 1 hour to allow it time to break down the dye particles. Because I have used this product before and have done research the first time, so I knew what to expect.

While the product is doing its thing you have to cover your hair with Clingfilm to allow it to generate heat so that the hair cuticles open up allowing for better results.

 For me personally, I put 3-4 layers of clingfilm on to help my head build up more heat. Unlike hair dye, you won’t see a change in the colour of your hair until you start the rinsing.

I will say that this is a long process with several steps that require being followed to the letter, So you do need to make sure you have the time to complete it properly. After the hour you rinse you hair for 5 minutes then you add the buffer for a minute. Then you rinse for another 5 minutes followed by a second buffer followed by a final 5-minute rinse.

Then you are left with the results….for me, that’s Orange/ginger hair  

Now, in all honesty, it isn’t as bad as some people have. I didn’t dislike the colour but it also looked ridiculous on myself.

The Final Results…

So I tend to leave my hair a few hours after stripping it before dying it just so that it can settle and to make sure it isn’t going to oxidize after finishing the process. I will say that this process does make your hair more porous and it is advised that if you are going to redye your hair to only use semi-permanent hair dye and do not process for the full time.

 This is the result of using a semi-permanent hair dye in the colour light brown and as you can see it is darker than light brown. This is because after stripping it your hair will take the dye more quickly.  But I am happy with the results. I also know that the colour will settle down over the next few days.


I am not an expert or a Hair colourist specialist or a trained hairdresser, the information in this post is based on the instructions provided by the product and my own experience. Therefore I will not be responsible for any results should you choose to strip your own hair at home.

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